A Man's Body

Taking care of your body through diet and exercise is essential. You can also care for your body with good skin care. For now, we will address the overall body. Body care products don't have to be expensive to be effective and enjoyed!

Keeping your body clean is as essential as diet and exercise. However, you no longer must rely only on a bar of soap. There are many body washes on the market that will refresh, revitalize, rejuvenate, and exfoliate. These washes are formulated for men and attack dirt, grit, and sweat. A good body wash will moisturize, tone, and soften your skin. Some body washes can be used dually for the hair and the body. Some body washes have agents that cleanse and warm and soothe tired muscles. When you are clean, soft, and you smell good, you feel good. A body scrub will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off the dead cells, and smoothing and polishing your skin. Bath salts are available for soaking a tired, sore body. These bath salts will soothe your muscles and soften your skin. Other bath salts are formulated to provide sinus relief and usually contain eucalyptus to open up your sinuses. After cleansing with a good body scrub or body wash or after a good soak in the bath salts, you might want to moisturize with a lotion, oil, or gel to soften and protect your freshly cleansed skin.

Some moisturizing products claim to have skin-tightening qualities. Many plant ingredients tone and smooth the skin. Moisturizers may or may not be scented or lightly scented so not to be terribly over-bearing. Many moisturizers have anti-oxidants to detoxify your skin. They also have sun-screen for protection against harmful rays that damage and age your skin.