Anti Aging Creams for Men

The list of anti aging and anti wrinkle creams for men is quite long. Where h do you start? Well, do some online research! Look at the creams on the market and check out the ingredients carefully. If you have any known allergies, then you will know what to eliminate.

Price is often another source of elimination. Many anti aging creams are very expensive. Why would you pay for something if you are unsure if it will work on you? I tried an anti wrinkle cream and it certainly eliminated my wrinkles . . . my face was so swollen that not one wrinkle was to be seen! Fortunately, I was able to make an exchange. Sometimes you are able to obtain samples of a product so you can do a skin test. Be careful when you order samples. Often the company will have you pay shipping only on a "sample and you will find yourself automatically enrolled in their program where you will be sent the product after an initial trial period. Products usually cost about $60 and up (per month) so be sure that you are aware of what you are getting into and that you really think the product works best for you.

A few years ago when alphahydroxy was the big rage, a news show did a product analysis on the different brands and the percentages of alphahydroxy in the creams. The most expensive cream was NOT the most beneficial.

Three of the most popular aniti-aging face creams are Lifecell, Athena, and Hydroderm.

Lifecell runs about $189 for a 40 day supply. According to customer testamonials, results take some time - a couple of months - but are quite dramatic. Athena is also known as the "7 Minute Lift" for its fast results. Athena is also called a safe alternative to Botox. Athena runs about $89 per jar for a 60 day supply. Hydroderm is another wrinkle serum and it takes about 3 weeks to see results. Hydroderm costs about $120 for about a month's supply.

Other creams include: