Beard Trimmers

How do those Hollywood actors always keep that consistent 5 oclock shadow, also known as designer stubble, day after day? Well, it all depends on their beard trimmer! Keep in mind that a beard trimmer is different from an electric or cordless shaver.

You can find Beard trimmers from around $9.99 to around $100.

So, what is the bestbeard trimmer? It is hard to say with so many from which to choose. The price always plays a factor when you consider your budget and how much you want to spend on a beard trimmer.
Beard and moustache trimmers usually come with accessories and the usually have different blade settings.
You will recognize many of the following brand names and each brand usually has beard trimmers in different price categories.

Andis has about 19 different beard trimmers, from corded to cordless, anywhere from $20 to $90.

Wahl makes about 18 different beard trimmers, including those that vacuum up the trimmed hair as it trims. These Wahl beard trimmers range from $9.99 to $28. Wahl carries a battery operated travel trimmer. They even offer a beard trimmer with a camouflage finish.

Conair carries about 17 different beard and moustache trimmers. Prices start at about $ 8.49 and go up to about $30.

Norelco has about 13 different beard and moustache trimmers. These run from about $22 to $60. Many of these trimmers offers 9 length settings and feature self-sharpening, stainless steel blades.

Panasonic features about 9 beard and moustache trimmers, running from $20 to $50, and offering 14 cutting lengths.

Remington beard and moustache trimmers run from about $20 to $60.

While there are more brands, these are the top brands, and you will have to be the judge of which one is the best beard trimmer for you . . . or perhaps that will be a job for your significant other.