Cosmetics For Men

When people think of cosmetics, they don't usually think of a man. However, there was a time when it was more common for men to wear cosmetics.. Both men and women wore cosmetics in ancient Egypt. A man wore makeup, had hair growth and wrinkle remedies, used breath freshener, wore deodorant, and used body oils. This was 10,000 years ago! Beauty and hygiene were very important among both the rich and poor Egyptians. It wasn’t solely a matter of looking good; their hygiene was tied to spirituality. When the Greeks and Romans came along, use of cosmetics among men, though, more for looking good than anything spiritual.

Today, more and more men are wearing cosmetics. Let’s take a look at some of the products that are available and discuss what they do. The beauty of it is that you can discreetly order on the Internet.

Foundation, as it suggests, is the basecoat that covers your entire face. Most foundations for men have a no-make-up look. A good foundation will reduce enlarged pores, redness, uneven pigment, and blemishes. Many foundations contain an SPF, usually 8, to protect your face from casual encounters with the sun.

Concealer is used for disguising imperfections such as blemishes and scars. It has more pigment than a foundation and is used on small areas rather than the entire face.

Powder can be used with or without foundation. It will make your face look smoother and reduce the shine. If your skin is really oily, you might want to consider wearing powder. Powder can be loose and applied with a brush or compact (pressed) and applied with a pad.

Blush, as it suggests, adds color to your face. It is usually applied to the cheeks and comes in powder or cream.

Mascara for men should not clump and should not have that make-up look. It should condition and define your lashes to enhance your natural look.

Eye pencils can be used on your eyebrows and as eye liner. Again, accentuate your natural look.

Lip balms/serums keep your lips soft, hydrated and many contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Some lip serums will give your lips a shine that makes them look fuller. Some will also have color added to enhance your natural color. Some contain an SPF for sun protection.

Some companies that carry cosmetics for men are 4VOO, Studio5ive, and Male Species just to name a few. Look for cosmetics that are noncomedogenic so they don’t clog your pores. Now that you have an idea of the cosmetics available for men, read on for an overview of a cosmetic routine.

Regimen for Cosmetic Application

This is merely a sample regimen for application of cosmetics. Once you get started you can adjust it and personalize it to make it work for you.

  1. Wash your face with your face wash or soap of choice.
  2. Shave
  3. Tone and moisturize.
  4. Apply foundation. Always move your fingers upward. You want to defy gravity. Never pull down on your skin. Remember blend and enhance is the key. You don't want to look scary. Some foundations come with a spray to help you blend.
  5. Apply concealer. (Read product directions as you may need to apply before the foundation.)
  6. Apply the powder with a brush or pad. Make sure you smooth out all areas for an even, consistent coverage.
  7. Apply blush to enhance the contour of your cheeks. Blush can be tricky. You want it to live up to its name – blush – as a natural phenomena not as a painted on clown look.
  8. Apply eye pencil to your eyebrow to enhance the natural qualities. Eye pencils can help define your brow.
  9. Apply eye pencil to your eye. This means that you start right above your eye lashes closest to your nose and move out towards your temples to apply the liner in an even straight line. You can also apply it under your lower lashes as close as you can without actually getting in your eye. You are defining and enhancing your eye, not drawing on a new one.
  10. Apply mascara. Start at the base of your lashes, close to your eye, and work out to the tip of your lashes. Apply to both top and bottom lashes.
  11. Step back and look at yourself. You want to look like yourself and not like yourself all made up.


  1. Use a well-lit room or a lighted mirror. Artificial light looks different from natural sunlight so you might even step outside to get a final look.
  2. Daytime makeup is applied more lightly than nighttime makeup.
  3. Get a second opinion.
  4. Blend and enhance are key in cosmetic use unless you are going to a Halloween party.

Removal of Cosmetics

At the end of the day before you go to bed, you need to remove your makeup.

  1. Use cold cream or some sort of makeup remover. Again, always move your fingers upward and never pull down on your skin.
  2. There are eye makeup removal pads and liquids available that are gentle on the tissue surrounding your eyes. Remove eye makeup by moving outward from the part closest to your nose to your temple.
  3. After removing all makeup, continue with your usual pre-bedtime face washing routine.