Hair Coloring for Men

Men’s Hair color industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. More men are using hair color than ever before. Hair coloring can be done at home or in a salon. There are some hair colors that are formulated for men. There is no difference between men’s and women’s hair color except for the picture on the label.

Just for Men is a 5 minute hair color that lasts for 6 weeks.

Clairol Natural Instincts for Men takes 10 minutes and lasts for 6 weeks.

Natural Instincts has a Level 2 semi-permanent hair color that lasts through 24 shampoos. You can use most of these hair colors on your beard and moustache.

Progressive hair color- the kind that builds up to the desired color upon repeated use- contains lead acetate and even though the FDA approves it in small quantity, some argue that it is still a health concern.

Robert Craig Salon Products makes hair colorant that contains no alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia. It is activated by tap water.

Do it at home or have it professionally done. Redken salons have an in-salon product that takes away your gray in 10 minutes.

Permanent dyes: These dyes have to grow out or get cut off as your hair grows.

Natural organics describes products such as chamomile and henna which have been around forever. Usually considered harmless, they can still cause allergic reaction. Natural organics are more difficult to apply, less reliable, and less predictable than a synthetic dye.

Synthetic dyes may cause allergic reaction as well. As indicated on the box, a patch test is necessary to determine if you will react or not. The ingredient p-phenylenediamine may cause cancer.

Semi-permanent dyes wash out after several shampoos.

Temporary hair dyes wash out with water.

Suspected cancer-causing ingredients can be found in temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair color. Be careful when choosing a hair coloring for men. Hair colors, or colour, can make you look younger but may carry certain health risks.