Hair Removal for Men

OK guys. It seems that hair is out. So much for that hairy chest that women once swooned over. Before you know it, men will be less hairy than women.

The trend is take it off. You no longer need cycling, body building, or swimming as an excuse. Take it off, take it all off. Men are now focusing on shaped eyebrows, their backs, their chests, toes, fingers, legs, and even their bikini area.

So, what is the best form of hair removal? Let’s look at some of the possibilities and you decide, depending on your level of pain tolerance and budget, what works for you.

Waxing is quick. Usually the wax is heated, then applied to the selected area, then allowed to cool. Once the wax cools, the esthetician rips it off and the wax takes the unwanted hair with it. And, yes, it hurts. Waxing can be done by a professional or you many purchase a kit for home use.

Sugaring is another method of hair removal for men. Sugaring has been used for years. Basically, this hair removal method is a mixture of sugar, honey, lemon juice, and molasses. Like waxing, sugaring is heated, applied to the area of need and then removed with strips of cloth. Sugaring can be performed by a professional or you can do it yourself. Recipes are available on the Internet.

Electrolysis offers a more permanent solution because it kills the root. In order to be effective, electrolysis should be performed weekly. This method can be laborious and expensive and the effects are not always as permanent as one might wish.

Laser hair removal is gaining popularity. It kills the hair follicle, as does electrolysis, so hair does not grow back in as much quantity. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. Actually, fair skinned people with dark hair respond better to laser treatment than do darker skinned people. The dark hair absorbs the laser energy better than light hair. On that note, dark skin seems to blister or become discolored with laser energy. There is a pain factor to laser hair removal. It is a little less painful than waxing but probably worth it in the long run if hair removal is permanent. Laser hair removal does require several treatments.