Ingrown Hair on a Man's Face

Ingrown hairs, also called razor bumps, look like pimples. Ingrown hair treatment and removal helps men to prevent and remove ingrown facial hairs.

An ingrown hair is a beard hair follicle that gets trapped under the skin, curls under and the tip grows back into the skin. It creates a red bump on the skin. The red bump gets irritated and it looks like a pimple. It may itch and get infected.

Ingrown hairs are more common in men with curly hair. Ingrown hairs can be prevented by shaving with the growth of your beard rather than against it. Some people recommend using an electric shaver rather than a straight blade. This prevents too close of a shave which often causes ingrown hairs. A depilatory or electrolysis can be used. Laser treatment is available. You can always prevent ingrown hairs by growing a beard.

There are many ways for a man to get rid of ingrown hairs. One is a topical treatment for ingrown hairs. The treatment exfoliates the skin and softens the ingrown hair until it is released.

Zirh makes a toner for men that relieves redness, razor burns, and ingrown hairs while moisturizing your skin. Menaji's Glycolic Toner can also relieve ingrown hairs. Baxter of California makes Razor Bump Repair, a formula which relieves razor bumps and ingrown hairs and inflamed skin.

Follow the instructions on our shaving page to lessen the liklihood of pesky, ingrown hairs. Come back to learn more about ingrown hair removal, cure, remedy and problems with infections as well as prevention.