A Man's Hands and Nails

Nailing a healthy look comes from grooming your entire body: from your hair to your toes. So, a good manicure is essential to achieving an overall healthy look. More and more men are frequently spas and salons to have their nails manicured. Unkempt hands are a turn-off to anyone . . . an employer, a significant other, a stranger.

  1. Hands and nails must be clean. Using a nail brush really gets the dirt. Lemon juice makes a good cleaner. Cut a lemon in half and twist each finger in it to clean each nail.
  2. Trim each nail to a practical length.
  3. Using an emery board, file any rough edges on your nails.
  4. Dry, ragged cuticles should be softened and removed or pushed back. There is a tool for this if you have a manicure set. Overbearing cuticles are a major turn-off.
  5. Buff or paint your nails.

Hangnails can be annoying and cause infection so treat them carefully. To remove a hangnail, soak your hand for about 10 minutes in a soapy solution or one of water and olive oil so it will be easier to trim. Use sterilized nail sissors to clip it then apply some anti-bacterial ointment. You may want to bandage it.

Many men have rough hands and they need their callused hands softened. Using an exfoliating scrub will soften rough, dry hands. A green tea soaking solution acts as an antioxidant and removes toxins. Keeping your hands well moisturized is important too. Constant hand washing will dry out your hands.

You can purchase a manicure kit at many stores or online. It is not a bad idea to go and get a manicure to see how it is done and get some ideas on how you can do it yourself. Or, just indulge yourself once a week or so and get manicured! Usually, you will get a nice, relaxing hand-massage with it. If you are a nail biter, this could be your cure.

And don't forget your feet! Pedicures are available for men and your toes are important too! Don't forget about them! Your feet have a big job in life and your toes need some TLC too!