Tooth Brushing and Whitening

For many reasons, it is very important to keep your teeth “well-groomed”. First and foremost are health reasons. Most of us would like to keep our teeth until “death do us part” and proper dental hygiene is necessary.

Teeth grooming basics include tooth brushing (including your tongue), flossing, mouth wash, and consistent visits to the dentist. Your smile is an important part of your package and nobody really wants to know about your last meal from looking at your teeth or by smelling your breath.

Teeth Whitening

Having white teeth is important to most people. In addition to the basics mentioned above, tooth whitening is available to enhance your smile. Teeth whitening is available over the counter as well as through your dentist. Obviously, the dentist will cost more but the results will probably be faster and better. Laser teeth whitening is the fastest method, while the more conventional tray tooth whitening, tooth bleach, tooth gels, and tooth whitening strips take longer. The more gradual approach will allow you to decide just how white you want your teeth to go.

Be realistic. Some smiles are just a little too white and you will find people looking at your mouth rather than your eyes. Or, they just might have to put on a pair of sunglasses.

Remember, that certain foods and substances will continue to stain your teeth so whitening is an ongoing process. Coffee, dark soda, smoking, and red wine are some of the culprits.

Maintaining fresh breath is also extremely important. Read more about halitosis and what you can do for it.